Questionable Collectibles – Star Trek: The Motion Picture

I’ve fallen down the rabbit hole of Star Trek: The Motion Picture collectibles. Part of it is my genuine appreciation of the movie and what it was trying to do (which was to be 2001: A Space Odyssey), but I’m also fascinated by the huge merchandising push that came along with it. The first Star Wars had just come out and CHANGED THE GAME in regards to blockbuster merchandise, and companies with the Star Trek license pushed plenty to grab some of that sweet space opera cash. Action figures and comics are expected; the memorabilia below is…odd. Especially that Reagan poster.

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This Star Trek: The Motion Picture mug has a couple of things going against it; the unappealing color scheme (lookin like some Thomas Kinkade shit), being made of plastic, and the fact that I have more scifi mugs than I could use in a fortnight (thanks Danny!). But the biggest dealbreaker is the subject matter. Let’s say you see THIS while perusing fine ST: TMP collectibles on everyone’s favorite auction website:

tpm mug

very reasonable price and shipping!

“PERFECT;” you shout, “just the thing to melt with my coffee so I can get my morning BPAs!” But then you scroll over the other views of the item…


On the other side of that mug is the character Will Decker, played by the actor Stephen Collins. He recently confessed to sexually abusing minors in the past, casting a pall over his career (particularly his role on 7th Heaven, which you don’t see reruns of anymore) and making images of him unwelcome on…pretty much anything in your home. I certainly don’t want to see his face in the morning before I get my coffee. The world is horrible enough, thanks.

BONUS (ACTUALLY AWESOME) COLLECTIBLE: This U.S.S. Enterprise Bridge playset, made for Mego’s 3.75 inch action figure line. Now that’s what I’m talkin’ bout!


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