The Exploits of Han Solo: “Routine” (Star Wars Tales 2)

Welcome to the Summer of Solo! We’re just a few days out from the release of Solo: A Star Wars Story, which looks surprisingly decent. Until recently my level of enthusiasm for this film (and other proposed “origin” Star Wars movies) could best be described as “wet bantha fart,” but the trailers hit me like an Idiot’s Array.

Lando Calrissian in Solo 1

(that’s a winning hand in the game of sabacc, for those unfamiliar with space card games)

To celebrate the film depicting our favorite Star Wars rogue’s origin, I’ve decided to transmit some lesser known legends from the career of the sly smuggler and his furry friend. The first is a story from Star Wars Tales # 2, released in 1999 by Dark Horse Comics:

SW Tales 2 cover

Star Wars Tales was a quarterly anthology series with four stories from the galaxy far, far away per issue. The book carried the “Infinities” label, meaning that the tales within were non-canon. This was to give guest creators more freedom outside of the constraints of the Star Wars Expanded Universe, but in my opinion a lot of the stories in this series fit in just fine and enrich the Saga. “Routine,” written by Tony Isabella and illustrated by Dark Horse Star Wars veteran John Nadeau (much beloved for his work on Rogue Squadron), is one of these.

(Note to Lucasfilm, Disney, Marvel, whomever; I don’t make any money off this site. I do this because I like Star Wars, and like showing cool Star Wars things to other people who like Star Wars…so don’t sue me. Consider this free advertisement!)

Routine 1Routine 2Routine 3Routine 4Routine 5Routine 6Routine 7Routine 8

Ooo that crafty Corellian, he got ’em again! Pretty good, eh? Those steeped in Expanded Universe lore will note some call-outs like Han mentioning his old smuggler buddy Mako Spince from Star Wars: Dark Empire, the appearance of an Imperial Carrack-class light cruiser, and the name “Jaina’s Light.” Jaina is Han and Leia’s daughter from the EU novels set in the years after Return of the Jedi, presumably named for Han’s mother (if you believe Han in this story).

I’d say “May the Force Be With You,” but we all know that’s just some hokey religion and ancient superstition, right?

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