Questionable Collectibles: Batman Crazy Foam

This off-putting gem was found in a fluorescent-blasted Walgreens, where my friend and I had stopped to use the ATM whilst hopping bars.


The product in question is some kind of “Crazy Foam” that Batman violently expectorates from his screaming mouth. My friend mused “I think some kind of line was crossed somewhere.” All I could think of was this:

Batman Shark repellent spray

Honorable Mention: You’ve probably seen this terrible Batman water pistol that has been making the rounds of the internet for years. But have you ever seen a picture of the front? With its horrible pig-thing face? Yeeeuck.

Dishonorable Mention: Any number of Batman branded toy guns, featuring the gun-hating Dark Knight joyously spraying lead at criminals:

Batman Toy gun 2Batman gun 1

There’s no shortage of questionable collectibles on this crap-drowned planet, so keep checking back on SpaceStationWagon! Same Bat-column, same Bat-blog.

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