Scotty Shills Plates

While we’re on the subject of Star Trek collectible plates, enjoy this commercial:

Couldn’t they have given Doohan a Scotty plate to promote? Is this better or worse then the Leonard Nimoy Magnavox short film that we watched a few weeks ago?

Did you know that James Doohan was in the Royal Canadian Artillery in WWII, and took part in the D-Day landings?! He lost his right middle finger during the invasion, which is very hard to see in any episodes of Star Trek.

Did you also know he also voiced almost every non-main character in Star Trek: The Animated Series?!


The ad is for a British power company (?) and features Doohan and his arch nemesis, William T. Shatner (there was no love lost between the two men). The commercial features a Spaceballs-style transporter gag  and was shot on The Next Generation sets, just like Trek V and VI!

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