If you type “Senator” into Bing Image Search, the seventh picture is a Squidhead senator from Star Wars

Before you ask “why the hell are you using Bing???” …my phone’s browser has that hardwired in as the search feature.

Also (THE AMAZING) Spider-Man uses Bing.

Spiderman bing

Garry Shandling recently passed away (RIP Mr. Shandling) and I was trying to find a picture of him as Senator Stern, the douchey government official/member of HYDRA from the Marvel Movie Universe.


Because of my short, vulgarian fingers, I accidentally hit the search button when I had only typed “Senator” in the bar. The second-rate search engine offered up a gallery of unappealing white humans, but also a face I didn’t expect…a betentacled face. I did the same search on my laptop with identical results (Google Image Search showed me nothin’ but Homo sapiens). The image links to a wallpaper website that doesn’t look super legit, so browse at your own risk.


Question the Quarren

The Quarren, often insensitively referred to as “Squid Heads,” share their homeworld with the Mon Calamari (Admiral Ackbar’s people). The Quarren first appeared in Return of the Jedi in the person of Tessek (pictured above), a member of Jabba the Hutt’s criminal crew. The Cthulu-esque beings appeared many times in the background of the Star Wars prequels, and their elected representatives show up in the Galactic Republic Senate.


Senator Tundra Dowmeia and aides.

Senator Tikkes/Tundra Dowmeia (the two characters used the same mask/costume) beat out multiple notable senators in a contested election cycle…great job Bing Image Search!

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