A Space Station Wagon announcement


“Let’s make that jump down I-70, Chewie.”

Sorry for the dearth of updates, SpaceStationWagoners, but things have been crazy on this ship; your Wagon Driver has decided to set his course for the Outer Rim of the American Galaxy and leave the Core Worlds region (containing such prestigious planets as New York and Philadelphia, and…Hackensack?) in his rearview scanner.

There’s a lot of reasons, but it mostly boils down to it taking a lot of Galactic Standard Credits to make ends meet in this part of the universe…while out on the stellar frontier you can buy yourself a good portion of a newly terraformed planet for chump change (or even a whole moon)! Keep an eye out for updates on the status of the SpaceStationWagon at this same InterPlanetaryInterNet address!


“To boldy go to a part of the country where your rent doesn’t eat up most of your income and you can pay off your debts before middle age…”




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