Cool Current Comics: Captain America



Of all the relaunched Marvel Comics titles I’ve bought that have begun since the….end? (delayed end? is that still going on?) of Marvel Secret Wars, I think some of my favorites are The Vision, The Amazing Spider-Man, and Captain America. Captain America follows the exploits of Sam Wilson as he continues to wield the shield, now on his own after having a falling out with…S.H.I.E.L.D. (Strategic Homeland Intellig…it doesn’t matter. The flying aircraft carrier people. They have a TV show I don’t keep up with). The bad blood involved him coming out in support of an Edward Snowden-type whistleblower who exposed some nefarious shenanigans SHIELD was up to. Bereft of funding or official sanction, Sam teams up with Misty Knight and D-Man in a series written by Nick Spencer and excellently, EXCELLENTLY drawn by Daniel Acuna (issues 1-3) and Paul Renaud (issue 4-current). Cap and his team set out to tackle the topical problems facing America while calling for decency and brotherhood amongst its people….yeah I’m sorry Sam, but a large number of Americans have rotting, maggoty meat garbage for brains and promoting unity is kind of a lost cause (I am a proud American and love America, don’t hate me my fellow Americans!). But still, great series. Issue 1 references my alma mater!


I applaud the accurate Rutgers bro dialogue, Mr. Spencer

One of my favorite moments in the series thusfar has to be this sequence from the beginning of issue 4, in which longtime superdouches The Serpent Society of Evil have rebranded themselves as “Serpent Solutions.” The pages skewer Wall Street, everyone’s favorite real life supervillains; but the finger is also pointed at you and I, the consuming drones that think nothing of the slaves who produce our clothing or electronics.

(words by Nick Spencer, art by Paul Renaud, copyright Marvel Comics, plz don’t sue me)





Great stuff. Also, Captain America was turned into a werewolf in issue 3, and hasn’t changed back yet. I’ve been getting a lot of Marvel titles lately (what can I say, Marvel’s “relaunch every ~8 months” tactic ropes me in) and for money/space reasons will have to drop out of some of them, but I feel like Spencer’s Captain America will go the distance. There’s probably gonna be a collected edition out soon so if you’re not a monthly buyer, just get that. It’s cheaper and there’s no ads in it! Captain America would approve of not having to read ads in something you already paid money for.

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